Wanna spoon??

Get your minds out of the gutter and let me tell you about my favorite yoghurt, noosa yoghurt, in honor of Australia Day! And yep, you guessed it... noosa yoghurt is from down under. Australians are pretty much perfect specimens and proof that there is a God. Take one look at Liam and Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, and koalas, and you'll agree. Good looks, drool-worthy accents... oh, and they also have amazing food! I visited Sydney a couple years ago and tasted as many Aussie treats as I could get my hands on - meat pies, flat whites, even vegemite! I was overwhelmed by the amount of care and love they put into their food - it's an aspect of their culture I find extremely enticing. So when noosa yoghurt reached out to tell me about their delicious yoghurt and unique flavors like no other, I was instantly on board. I sampled some of their new flavors: Blood Orange, Key Lime, Blackberry Serrano, and Salted Caramel (pictured below). The freshness popped and it was immediately obvious that these creamy delicacies came from a small family farm and not a factory warehouse. All of their flavors were absolutely amazing! Blood Orange was so light and citrusy I could pretend I was on a warm, sunny beach instead of in snowy NYC. Key Lime tasted like a literal pie. I honestly crumbled up graham crackers, sprinkled them on top, and ate it for dessert. Blackberry Serrano was probably the most surprising flavor - the serrano pepper created quite a kick, but it was nicely balanced by the tangy blackberries and the creamy base. Right now, this flavor is exclusive to Colorado, but there are plans to roll it out nationwide in the near future! Not surprisingly, Salted Caramel was a truly decadent and salty sweet delight. Try it for yourself, mates! Or hop on a plane to Australia with me and marry a Hemsworth. Outta my way, Miley!