say yes to the drink!

April showers bring May flowers... Spring is here and so are the floral cocktails. This weekend I had the pleasure of trying Yes Artisan Beverages, handcrafted cocktail mixers made only with fresh produce! I tasted both the Lavender Honey and the Hibiscus Rose mixers which were both so delicious and absolutely perfect for this season. Yes Beverages sent some fun recipe ideas with the mixers as well, so I had some fun whipping up some new cocktails. I made a "Lavenderita" with the Lavender Honey mixer and some tequila - what a delicious take on the classic margarita! I threw it in a mason jar and garnished the rim with sugar. For the Hibiscus Rose mixer, I added gin and topped the drink off with champagne for a bubbly kick. So refreshing! I absolutely love that none of the Yes Beverages mixers use any artificial ingredients or sweeteners - I could really taste the difference!

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Kaitlin Orr