If you’re as obsessed with Chef’s Table as I am, you know of Chef Alain Passard. His Michelin restaurant Arpege has had three Michelin stars since 1996, and was ranked the 12th best restaurant on the World’s 50 Best list this year. Chef Passard’s specialty is cooking vegetables, picked fresh from his garden – his menu is almost entirely vegan, and is one of the best meals I’ve ever had. That coming from a total carnivore, you know that it has to be some incredible veggies. (He almost turned me vegetarian!)

The cherry on top of a perfect meal was meeting Chef Passard himself – he happily walked around the dining room hugging every guest, posing for pictures, and welcoming them to his “home,” making every guest feel part of his Arpege family. I’ll never forget the way he looked me directly in the eyes and gleefully proclaimed, “I LOVE FOOD!” Me too, Alain, me too.

It is so inspirational to see a chef who just loves cooking so much that he can’t stay away from his kitchen. It’s clear he’s not in it for the fame, but for the pure love of food. I can’t wait to go back and visit his gardens on my next trip to Paris.


August 28, 2017 lunch menu:

1.    Vegetable tarts

IMG_0409 2.JPG

2.    Tomato gazpacho with mustard ice cream

IMG_0406 2.JPG

3.    Hot and cold egg with maple syrup and sherry vinegar

IMG_0404 3.JPG

4.    Vegetable ravioli in a tomato broth

IMG_0402 2.JPG

5.    Raw beet sushi with black olive sauce

IMG_0399 2.JPG

6.    Mediterranean couscous with veggies, apple, shallots and semolina

IMG_0392 2.JPG

7.    Zucchini bell pepper mint soup

IMG_0391 2.JPG

8.    Tomato carpaccio with fresh mozzarella and strawberries

IMG_0384 2.JPG

9.    Terrine of pork

IMG_0382 2.JPG

10. Potato spaghetti with smoked eel

IMG_0373 2.JPG

11. Red beet tartare with cucumber oil

IMG_0366 2.JPG

12. Vegetable risotto

IMG_0364 2.JPG

13. Chicken cooked in fig leaves with smoked eggplant caviar, tomato caramel, and beet root

IMG_0360 2.JPG

14. Sweets

FullSizeRender 36.jpg

15. Rhubarb ice cream

IMG_0344 2.JPG

16. Twelve flavors tomato with verbena ice cream

IMG_0339 2.JPG

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