Picture this: a dark and intimate restaurant nestled in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Stunning interior design with an all black aesthetic, cozy furs, and ten wooden tables illuminated only by candlelight. An open kitchen. A garden. Modern Scandinavian cuisine. Oh yeah, and two Michelin stars. Do you even have to Aska? This restaurant has "Kaitlin" written all over it.

But let's get back to the food... Chef Frederik Berselius delivered incredibly gorgeous presentations with flavors that blew my mind. (Actually, both in terms of presentation as well as tasting notes, my meal at Aska reminded me of my dining experiences at Geranium and Vespertine, two of my favorite meals of my life.) I ate things I’ve never even heard of and absolutely adored them. Added bonus: they only have one seating all night, so you can stay and indulge for as long as you’d like! I can’t say thank you enough to the Aska team for a truly unforgettable meal. This place is a must for your next NYC trip.

See the full menu and pictures from Aska below!

January 25, 2018 tasting menu:
1. Bladderwrack: blue mussel emulsion


2. Bread & butter: roll made with malt and spices, manitoba with oats and beer, flat bread with rye and brown butter


3. Oyster: Duxbury, MA - green gooseberries, winter purslane, oil made with juniper needles


4. Caviar: grilled onions, Finnish caviar from Carelia, lemon verbena


5. Blood pancake: rose petals and rosehip, Perigold truffles


6. Skate: cured skate wing, celery root puree with its leaves, baked celery root, unfiltered rapeseed oil and flowering dill


7. Lichen: reduced and caramelized cream, preserved pine shoots, chanterelle mushroom broth, spruce vinegar


8. Beef: 120-day dry aged rib eye, salted black currants, cured beef fat


9. Strawberry: milk sorbet, field flowers, fermented strawberry juice


10. Birchwood: ice cream made from birchwood with pine mushrooms and woodruff syrup, ebelskiver, and black trumpet fudge


11. Mignardise: blood and rosehip - caramelized white chocolate, Swedish Punsch, sourdough malt powder