Atelier Crenn

You probably know Chef Dominique Crenn from her gorgeous episode on Chef’s Table. Or maybe you know her as the first woman to receive two Michelin stars in the US. Perhaps you’ve heard her speak out in support of women (and against the controversial “Best Female Chef” award). Dominique Crenn is known for speaking her mind, and she is a masterful storyteller. Her menu is a handwritten poem, each line representing a dish, and each course capturing a memory of her childhood in Brittany, France. Dominique weaves a beautiful and delicious tale of classic French food with a Californian twist, using seasonal and local produce.

It’s an emotional journey, and to me even more so. Her other restaurant, Petit Crenn, is where I first dipped my toes into the pastry world a year ago (thank you, Luis Ayala) and had my first glimpse into the other side of the food industry. It’s where I became friends with the incredibly talented Kristin Delfs, who I’m now learning pastry from at home in Los Angeles. It’s pretty surreal to be back in San Francisco exactly a year later, the passage of time highlighting just how much changes in a year. Very grateful for this meal, the reflection it brought, and this wonderful food industry that I get to be a part of. Merci. 

See the full menu and pictures from Atelier Crenn below!

September 11, 2018 tasting menu:

1. Kir Breton


2. Geoduck, sea urchin & stone fruit


3. Prawn, seaweed & whey


4. Seed & grain


5. Summer tomato


6. Golden Osetra, potato, and onion


7. Boudin noir


8. Brioche & house-made butter


9. Abalone, cabbage, & smoked creme


10. Mt. Lassen trout & farm offerings


11. Bouillon


12. Oma & fig


13. Honey, sapote, & pollen


14. Coconut & pineapple


15. Mignardises


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