Bangkok travel tips

Planning a trip to Bangkok? I just wanted to give you a brief overview of things you should know/ general travel tips before I get into the details and fun stories from my trip. :) I was super lucky to have my friend Celine as my guide for most of my time in Bangkok, but I also spent four days alone in the city and felt totally comfortable on my own. So if you don't know a local, have no fear! You will be fine! Almost everyone speaks English and Thai people are super nice and as helpful as can be.

Some key points:

  • Everything is very affordable! This is awesome! But a lot of places are cash only. So make sure to exchange money and bring plenty of Thai baht with you for your trip.

  • Bangkok has the best Thai food I’ve ever had - shocker! (More detailed posts about the food later...)

  • Thai massages – yes, it's ridiculous how low-priced they are. And so relaxing! Just be careful not to go to a place that’s toooo cheap, if you know what i mean… be careful of happy endings! I looked online at reviews of many spas near the area I was staying to try and find good ones. I went to the spa at my hotel and also to Health Land to get massages. These places were a little pricier than the people offering massages on the street (about $20 USD/hour), but I decided it was worth it to pay a little more and feel super comfortable in a luxurious spa.

  • Transportation:

    • I used Uber a lot - prices are super low compared to New York (about $8 USD for an hour drive).

    • Taxis are also great and very affordable, but you need cash for them. Be sure they start the meter the second you get in the car, otherwise they will try and rip you off.

    • Bangkok also has pretty extensive public transportation - I used the BTS (SkyTrain) pretty frequently and it is super simple compared to the NYC subway system. There are only two lines and the stops are clearly marked in English and Thai. Go up to the ticket window and get a refillable "Rabbit" pass and add money to it as needed during your stay.

    • My favorite mode of transportation was the river ferry! I took the BTS to the Sathorn Pier where you can buy a tourist ferry pass for about $1 USD. I rode the ferry all the way up the river to the Grand Palace, and I loved being able to see all the temples we passed on the river along the way.

  • Accommodations:

    • Bangkok has tons of cute hostels! One night we stayed in the Home Mali Hostel - it was a great deal (like $10 USD/night) and a really fun experience! We stayed in bunkbeds that had curtains around each bed, very private and very comfortable, and the bathrooms were shared, dormitory style. This was my first time staying in a hostel and I'd totally do it again. If you're traveling alone, it's a great way to make friends and explore a new city with them!

    • If you're not on a super strict budget, you might as well live like a king and splurge on a nice hotel. In Thailand you can actually afford to treat yourself! I stayed at the Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok, a gorgeous four-star hotel in a great location, for only $65 USD a night. The Rembrandt had king-sized beds, a luxurious spa (best massage of my life!), and a rooftop pool overlooking the Bangkok skyline. Seriously, what more could you want? #vacationgoals #livingthedream

Did I miss anything? Ask me any travel questions in the comment section!