#CarnivorrGoesForGold: Week Eleven

The #CarnivorrGoesForGold challenge continues with a recap of my visits to Officine Brera, Sun Nong Dan, Sapp Coffee Shop, Kogi BBQ, Here's Looking At You, Rosaliné, and Kobee Factory. Stay tuned as I eat at all of Jonathan Gold's Best 101 LA restaurants in 101 days!

67. Officine Brera (#41 on the #JGOLD101)

Officine Brera is a sophisticated, yet cozy Italian restaurant in the DTLA Arts District. We loved all the hearty, rustic food showcasing dishes from the northern region of Italy, and really enjoyed getting to take a tour of the kitchen.

What I ate: farinata (chickpea flour crepe); cheese stuffed tempura zucchini flowers; capunsei (ricotta dumplings) with braised veal shoulder and butter/sage; saffron risotto + bone marrow; wood oven roasted pork shank, polenta, kale

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68. Sun Nong Dan (#37 on the #JGOLD101)

I didn't know much about Korean food before visiting Sun Nong Dan, but this spot quickly became one of my top five favorite restaurants from Jonathan's list. Well worth the long queue for their signature bubbling cauldron of spicy braised short ribs. Don't forget to add cheese.

What I ate: OMG GALBI JJIM! It's $60 for a small bowl (which serves four people) 

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69. Sapp Coffee Shop (#97 on the #JGOLD101)

A cult-favorite Thai spot in LA, and rumor has it that J. Gold went here every Sunday. SAPP is super cheap, and super good.

What I ate: the famous beef noodle soup; jade noodles with bbq pork, crab, and duck meat (so good!)

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70. Kogi BBQ (#82 on the #JGOLD101)

The first food truck I ever went to, back before I ever had a food blog! It was pretty special to revisit Roy Choi's iconic Kogi BBQ many years later.

What I ate: tacos (calamari, pork); short rib burrito; sweet chili chicken quesadilla; kogi sliders

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71. Here's Looking At You (#26 on the #JGOLD101)

Popular neighborhood spot in Koreatown. I was disappointed that the less-than-stellar service did not match the interesting food at Here's Looking At You .

What I ate: pea pods + greens, albacore, leche de tigre, honeydew, cucumber, popped sorghum; stracciatella, pepitas, yuzu, bread; veal sweetbreads

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72. Rosaliné (#70 on the #JGOLD101)

Another one of my absolute favorites from the list is Chef Ricardo Zarate's Peruvian spot, Rosaliné, located in West Hollywood.

What I ate: pisco sour; corazón anticucho (beef heart); kanpachi ceviche - aji pesto, oven roasted sweet potato, lime dressing; chaufa paella - fried rice, pancetta, sausage, prawns, egg, cilantro

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73. Kobee Factory (#67 on the #JGOLD101)

One of the coolest parts of this project was hearing grateful chefs and families talk about how much Jonathan Gold did for them by reviewing them, by putting them on his list. Chef Wafa and her son literally teared up describing how he changed their life by reviewing their Syrian restaurant, Kobee Factory.

What I ate: “kobee” - fried patties stuffed with meat; intestine (not my fave, but people drive hours for it); mjadara - bulgur cooked with lentils (beans, grains, onions); and her hummus (OMG!)

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...73 DOWN, 28 TO GO!

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