#CarnivorrGoesForGold: Week Five

The #CarnivorrGoesForGold challenge continues with a recap of my visits to Tsujita, Taco Maria, Angelini Osteria, Aburiya Raku, Langer's Delicatessan, A.O.C., and Mariscos Jalisco. Stay tuned as I eat at all of Jonathan Gold's Best 101 LA restaurants in 101 days!

25. Tsujita (#91 on the #JGOLD101)

Had my favorite ramen so far in LA at Tsujita on Sawtelle! Came here on a cold night and the huge bowl of rich broth was the perfect warm-me-up!

What I ate: Tonkotsu ramen + egg

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26. Taco Maria (#5 on the #JGOLD101)

I had been dying to check out Taco Maria in Costa Mesa - many people say it's their favorite restaurant in Orange County. My friend Paul and I went on Taco Tuesday for their a la carte options, and Chef Carlos Salgado's upscale Mexican food did not disappoint. I definitely want to go back and experience the tasting menu sometime soon!

What I ate: Caesar salad, Oaxacan quesadilla (oyster mushroom, epazote cream), fried fish tacos (black cod, charred scallion aioli, cabbage, grapes)

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27. Angelini Osteria (#72 on the #JGOLD101)

My family was looking for a dinner spot before seeing Hamilton at the Pantages and Angelini Osteria set the mood for a wonderful evening. Cozy and intimate Italian spot with really simple but extremely delicious pasta dishes.

What I ate: chopped salad, frutti di mare risotto (cuttlefish, lobster, clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari), lemon tagliolini (so light! so flavorful! so surprising!), pumpkin tortelli with asparagus in a parmesan sauce, green lasagna (spinach pasta with beef and veal ragu), profiteroles

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28. Aburiya Raku (#77 on the #JGOLD101)

My friend Ava and I loved our dinner at this Japanese izakaya spot in West Hollywood! Aburiya Raku is known for their skewers, but all of their Asian fare was beautifully prepared.

What I ate: homemade tofu with chili garlic sauce and japanese mustard green, skewers (kobe with wasabi, scallops, chicken), teriyaki pork rib, and the most gorgeous presentation of fried chicken I’ve seen!

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29. Langer's Delicatessan (#101 on the #JGOLD101)

J Gold says it’s the best pastrami in America... and it's definitely the best I've ever had!! The pieces of meat are so thick (more like corned beef) and they melt in your mouth like butter. Langer's is an LA institution.

What I ate: #19, warm, on rye bread with cole slaw, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing

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30. A.O.C. (#65 on the #JGOLD101)

A sunny outdoor patio with healthy-ish entrees - what more could you want from a California brunch?! Met my friend Leigh (@hungryobsession) in Weho, at A.O.C., a Mediterranean & vegetable-forward hotspot.

What I ate: blueberry bread with lemon butter, the farmer's plate (roasted veggies, toast, burrata), avocado toast with Dungeness crab

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31. Mariscos Jalisco (#95 on the #JGOLD101)

Mariscos Jalisco is home to the most famous street taco in Los Angeles! If you want a true taste of LA, all you have to do is take one bite of their famous shrimp taco.

What I ate: taco dorado de camarones (fried taco with fresh shrimp, salsa, and avocado)

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...31 DOWN, 70 TO GO!

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