#CarnivorrGoesForGold: Week Fourteen

The #CarnivorrGoesForGold challenge continues with a recap of my visits to Jar, Maude, Erven, Orsa & Winston, Spago, Lasa, and Holbox. Stay tuned as I eat at all of Jonathan Gold's Best 101 LA restaurants in 101 days!

88. Jar (#59 on the #JGOLD101)

I loved my first time at Jar, the Beverly Hills restaurant where Chef Suzanne Tracht cooks your mom’s classic dishes in a more elevated setting.

What I ate: heirloom tomato & sweet onion salad; signature pot roast with caramelized carrots; creamed spinach / mashed potatoes; prime steak special; butterscotch pudding with salted caramel; bread pudding topped with ice cream.

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89. Maude (#63 on the #JGOLD101)

I headed back to Beverly Hills to check out Maude, another restaurant from Chef Curtis Stone. For four years, Maude had a super fun, ingredient-focused tasting menu, where one ingredient was highlighted every month. Now, they’ve switched their focus to highlight different wine regions, but for our menu, the ingredient was black truffle.

What I ate: sea urchin; salsify; snow crab (one of my faves); brioche with beef fat and tartare (another fave); foie gras with brandy and granola; turbot; chestnut ravioli; porchetta; rush creek (cheese); hazelnut chocolate praline (homemade Ferrero Rocher); mignardises.

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90. Erven (#71 on the #JGOLD101)

My mom and I went to Erven in Santa Monica for a mostly vegan meal from Chef Nick Erven.

What I ate: roasted garlic chickpea fritters (yum); beets with avocado mousse, persimmon, pomegranate, celery, curry granola; tuna tartare tostada on nori chip; cabbage pancake with braised eggplant in chili-garlic hoisin sauce with shredded lettuce; chocolate cake with PB sorbet, toasted fluff, banana brûlée.

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91. Orsa & Winston (#30 on the #JGOLD101)

I took my dad to Chef Josef Centeno’s Orsa & Winston for his first ever tasting menu for his birthday. Technically, it’s only 6 courses but with lots of “surprise courses” in between!

What I ate: hawaiian kanpachi, grapefruit, avocado, smoked trout caviar; “beef tartare” burrito; cream of cauliflower and celery root soup with black truffle, brioche, quail egg; delicious cheesy flatbread; sea bass with japanese eggplant, brandade, sun choke, asian pear, fennel, shiso chimichurri; satsuki rice porridge with sb uni, abalone, tatsoi, chowder, parmesan; oyster; duck breast with beans, maitake, tuscan kale, red kuri squash, huckleberry; persimmon bread pudding with yuzu chantilly and walnut.

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92. Spago (#3 on the #JGOLD101)

Finally made it to the iconic Beverly Hills spot, Spago! Added bonus: I went on a Friday for lunch and got to meet Chef Wolfgang himself!

What I ate: tuna tartare cone; pizza with house cured smoked salmon, red onion, dill creme fraiche; chestnut agnolotti; mille feuille pastry.

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93. Lasa (#18 on the #JGOLD101)

Two brothers, Chad and Valencia, run LASA, an adorably homey, moden Filipino restaurant in a Chinatown strip mall. It’s BYOB, and a super fun date spot.

What I ate: rice flour chicharron (scallion and mushroom powder); fried brussel sprouts with crispy rice; lumpia sariwa - brown rice flour crepe, black kale, cabbage, butternut squash, peanut-soy vin; twice-cooked pork belly - kabocha sauce, long beans, vinaigrette, mustard greens; kesong puti fritters with hachiya persimmon and muscovado cream (!!!!).

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*Holbox (#39 on the #JGOLD101)

I already reviewed Chichen Itza for this challenge, but Holbox, Chef Gilberto’s Yucatecan seafood spot was also added with the new list so I had to come back and try it! It was honestly some of the best seafood I’ve ever had!

What I ate: blood clams (one of J Gold’s best 10 dishes of 2017); kanpachi uni ceviche - tomato, onion, lime, avo, salsa; octopus tacos (!!) with calamari ink sofrito; wood grilled whole branzino - devoured!! except the eyeball

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...93 DOWN, 8 TO GO!

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