Cork It! A Quick Pit Stop In Cork, Ireland

I wanted to get out of Dublin and see other parts of Ireland, so I hopped on a train down south to Cork County (where some say is home to the best food in Ireland).

I only had two hours in Cork, but I fit in as many spots as I could:


  • Miyazaki - Shockingly enough, the most famous restaurant in Cork is a Japanese takeaway spot. In addition to takeaway food, this hotspot has six counter seats and people queue up to snag a spot. I showed up when they opened at 5:30pm and was lucky enough to grab one! I got the Yakiudon noodle special: thick stir-fried udon noodles served with pork belly, cabbage, carrots, dashi, nori, egg yolk, and topped with mayonnaise.

  • Soma Coffee Company - Three people I met in Dublin insisted I stop for a coffee here while in town. I’m glad I did - the velvety flat white was exactly the afternoon pick-me-up I needed.

  • The English Market - Large indoor food market in the center of Cork. Great place to wander around and ogle counters filled with fresh seafood, loaves and loaves of bread, butchered meats, preserves, and more.


*Travel tip: Rather than lugging it around town, I stored all my luggage at Paddywagon Tours between my train and bus rides. They held both of my bags for me for 5 euros - super convenient when trying to see as much of a city as possible in a short window.

Recommended places I want to get to next time:

  • Alchemy - coffee

  • Paradiso - vegetarian fine dining (I know, but I’ve heard it’s good!)

  • Rocket Man - famous falafel stand by English Market

  • The Gluckman Gallery - art gallery at the UCC

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