the best darn mac and cheese you will ever eat

I don't always get the chance to write full-length reviews about every yummy food I post on Instagram, but every once in a while comes a dish SO GOOD I can't resist describing it in full detail. It's time to throw a spotlight on one of the best things I've eaten in a while: the Eastwick Mac & Cheese (pictured below). I've tried a LOT of Mac & Cheese in my lifetime, including award-winning variations of all shapes and sizes, but Eastwick's take on the dish absolutely blew me away. I could write a love song about the way it makes me feel. It is composed of a perfect blend of sharp & mild cheddar, parmesan, gruyere, and topped with herb panko that has a strong resemblance to Thanksgiving stuffing. Every spoonful melted happily in my mouth, and it was the perfect balance of gooey and crunchy. I'd walk over the Williamsburg Bridge in a blizzard to feast on this again. I'm not kidding! Immediately after eating this heaping bowl of comforting carbs I started apartment hunting in the neighborhood so that I can eat this every night. THAT good. RUN DON'T WALK! And take me with you!!

P.S. Besides the mac & cheese, everything else I tried at Eastwick was amazing and I will be back ASAP to sample more of their menu!