Eleven Madison Park

What makes a restaurant the “best” in the world? Is it the food? Dishes from an extremely talented chef that delight and surprise your palate, allowing you to experience things you’ve never tasted before? Flavors that go beyond your tastebuds and touch your soul? Is it the teamwork? The kitchen and front of house staff moving in perfect synchronization, as if performing a beautiful choreographed routine? Smiles that transcend “hospitality” and feel like deeply caring friends? Is it the gorgeous space, the ambience? An extreme attention to detail creating the perfect venue in which to take this culinary journey? Is it the way the restaurant makes you feel? Somehow relaxed and completely at home, but also treated like the most esteemed guest? Three Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park, ranked #1 on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017, possessed all these qualities and more. This was an absolutely magical dining experience and I couldn’t be any more grateful to Will Guidara, Daniel Humm, and the rest of the EMP team for welcoming me into their home. I’m extremely humbled and inspired, and so thankful for their dedication to this beautiful industry.

See the full menu and pictures from Eleven Madison Park below!

January 26, 2018 lunch tasting menu:

1. Black and white: cookie with cheddar and apple


2. Scallop: live with sea urchin, scallop butter, and broth


3. Caviar: Benedict with smoked ham, sturgeon, and hollandaise


4. Squid: grilled with juniper and horseradish


5. Lobster: butter-poached with butternut squash and chestnut


6. Mushroom: tart with cremini and black truffle

7. Duck: honey and lavender glazed with cabbage


8. Leek: roasted with hazelnut and parmesan / Potato: baked with horseradish and bacon


9. Tubby cheese: grilled with celery root, black truffle, and winter greens


10. Pear-cranberry donut: with mulled wine ice cream


11. Chocolate: covered pretzel