hole in one

I don't typically associate golf courses with amazing food... But my lunch at Fairways on the beautiful Provo Golf Course shattered all my preconceived notions! My friends and I didn't hit a single golf ball, but we sure treated eating like a sport! To start, the nachos... Fully loaded? Yep. Hit the spot? Absolutely. We also downed an impressive number of barbecue chicken wings. And that was just our appetizers. Next, we tried the Turks & Caicos Lobster Roll. It was completely different than any lobster roll I've had, but packed with flavor. Then, we finished big with one of their insane burgers - "The Full Monty." It lived up to its name - the huge patty was topped with all the fixings + cheese, bacon, and a runny egg and it sat atop a mountain of fries. We washed down our grub with some refreshing lemonade and soaked up the sunshine while sitting on the balcony watching the golfers play between the beautiful palm trees.