I love all things floral, so I had high hopes for this three Michelin star restaurant named for a flower. Chef Rasmus Kofoed and business partner Soren Ledet (both former sous chefs at Noma) did not let me down in the slightest – it was my favorite tasting menu of all time. Geranium, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, is currently ranked #19 on the World’s Best 50 list, but it's honestly #1 on my personal best restaurant list. It’s hard to find words to describe how incredible and inspiring this meal was. All I can say is that weeks later I can’t stop thinking about these dishes and the flavors I experienced. This meal is permanently imprinted in my brain - one of those life changing (and life affirming!) experiences that I will always remember.

Each dish had a floral note to it, so I really felt like the menu and my palate were made for each other. Literal soul mates. Thank you, Geranium, for making my wildest dreams come true with your restaurant. I’ve never identified with a restaurant so much and I am so grateful I got the chance to experience it.

September 1, 2017 lunch menu:

1.    Lobster, milk, juice from fermented carrots & sea buckthorn

IMG_1318 2.JPG

2.    Jerusalem artichoke leaves, hazelnut oil & rye vinegar

IMG_1311 2.JPG

3.    “Razor clam” with minerals & sour cream

IMG_1305 2.JPG

4.    Tomato water, ham fat & aromatic herbs

IMG_1296 2.JPG

5.    “Dillstone” mackerel, horseradish & frozen juice from pickled dill

IMG_1282 2.JPG

6.    Nettles, smoked cheese & dried oysters

IMG_1279 2.JPG

7.    Sprouted & grilled broccoli, dried trout & oyster flowers

IMG_1275 2.JPG

8.    Salted hake, parsley stems & caviar in buttermilk

IMG_1258 2.JPG

9.    Crispy grains, bread with old grains & gluten free bread with seeds

IMG_1244 2.JPG

10. Langoustine in juniper aroma, Ingrid Marie reduction & browned butter

FullSizeRender 40.jpg

11. Lightly Salted Turbot, green herbs, celeriac & pickled pine

IMG_1230 2.JPG

12. Tartlet with Fjord shrimp, sol & pickled elderflowers

IMG_1210 2.JPG

13. Cabbage sprouts, chicken & hay beer

IMG_1200 2.JPG

14. A bite of beetroot, blackcurrant, yoghurt & tagetes

IMG_1181 2.JPG

15. Ice cream from beeswax & pollen with intense rhubarb

IMG_1090 2.JPG

16. Caramel with roasted grains, chamomile & blackberry

IMG_1096 2.JPG

17. The end


18. Sweets: carrot tree, cake with pumpkin seed oil, caramel + dried plum juice + aromatic seeds, chocolate with oats & sea buckthorn, marshmallow with rose hip, green egg with pin

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