18 Must-Try Hong Kong Restaurants

I decided a trip to Macau would not be complete without a visit to Hong Kong. I came all the way to Asia from Los Angeles, after all! After an hour ferry ride from Macau, I was transported to one of the most international cities in Asia. Hong Kong was formerly a British colony, so a lot of British traditions still remain today (afternoon tea, for example) and a lot of expats from around the world reside here for business. My main reason for visiting? The food! Read on to see pictures from my favorite restaurants and bars. If you’re looking for hotels and things to do in Hong Kong, click here.


1. Petrus - I kicked off my Hong Kong food adventures at Petrus, the crown jewel of the Island Shangri-La. The restaurant is on the top floor of the hotel, boasting panoramic views of Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong skyline. Chef Richard Chaneton is from Argentina, but worked in France as the chef de cuisine of Mirazur (#3 on The World’s 50 Best restaurants). The result of his travels is a cuisine that beautifully blends both cultures. This place is not your average hotel restaurant, it’s worth a visit regardless of where you’re staying.

2. HAKU - Argentinian Chef Agustin Balbi, is an absolute gem. I knew nothing about this Argentinian/Japanese restaurant before sitting down at the counter, but the Haku team took me on a truly memorable (and absolutely delicious) journey. The dishes were thought-provoking and creative (the uni toast is reason enough to visit), and the wine pairing by Wallace Lo was the best I’ve had in a long time (lots of natural wines and a few extremely rare bottles). This meal was an absolute delight and I couldn’t recommend it any higher! Honestly, it was one of the best meals I had this year.

3. Mott 32 - An old, underground bank vault in Central has been transformed into a gorgeous restaurant. Mott 32 is home to my favorite char siu pork in Hong Kong, delicious peking duck, and some of the most creative dim sum I tried! Highly recommend this spot.

4. Duddell's - You dim sum, you lose some. Nothing but wins at Duddell’s, the fanciest, Michelin-starred dim sum restaurant I’ve ever been to! Caviar, gold leaf, and all kinds of luxurious ingredients are on offer in their dumplings and small plates. Duddell’s also has a weekend brunch inclusive of food and free-flowing Veuve Clicquot champagne for $100 USD.

5. Above and Beyond - I had more fantastic dim sum and sweeping views at Hotel Icon’s signature restaurant, Above and Beyond. The lunch lived up to its name, but the highlight for me was the durian buffet in their “marketplace.” I had quite a hilarious experience trying this controversial fruit for the first time, and I tried it in every form imaginable - durian ice cream, durian cheesecake, fried durian, you name it! (Some forms were tastier than others.)

6. Ho Lee Fook - This extremely popular Central restaurant serves fun, modern twists on classic Cantonese dishes (and has a name that is really fun to say). Ho Lee Fook translates to “good fortune for your mouth,” and indeed it was. Some of my favorite dishes included the roast goose and peanut butter french toast (kind of like chicken and waffles!), dumplings, and the noodles.

7. Neighborhood - High-quality ingredients prepared simply and beautifully, great service, and incredible wines are why this “neighborhood” French-Italian spot in Central landed at number 32 on Asia's 50 Best restaurants list this year. Don’t we all crave elevated food in a casual setting? There’s not a bad dish on the menu, but a couple highlights for me included the GIGANTIC asparagus, the oyster carbonara (so unique), and the Kinki fish.

8. Mammy Pancake - This Michelin guide-recommended street food spot on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong is famous for their "eggettes" a.k.a puffy egg waffles. They come in all sorts of crazy flavors (matcha, sesame, chocolate chip, etc.) and you can even order it with a scoop of ice cream inside! I opted for the original flavor for my first time - so good! 


9. Kytaly Hong Kong - The “world’s best pizza” is now available in Asia! I made the pilgrimage to Caiazzo, Italy last year to grab a slice of Franco Pepe’s signature ‘za, so of course, I had to see how the Hong Kong branch compared to the original. One bite and I was transported back to Italia. Franco’s pizza tasting menu is one-of-a-kind and his dough is otherworldly, a bouncy, pillowy perfection with no sogginess whatsoever.

10. Tate Dining Room - Chef Vicky Lau’s menu reads like a poetry book, each dish an ode to its main ingredient. My favorite? The ode to lavender, of course; a crispy yogurt meringue bowl filled with lavender white chocolate mousse and surrounded by a river of blueberry syrup. A gorgeous restaurant and a gorgeous meal.

11. Yardbird - Tasty yakitori spot with endless chicken skewers (everything from the gizzard to the achilles) and a super fun, late night vibe. Don’t miss the soba tea ice cream sandwiches!

12. Seventh Son - They told us we couldn’t do it. The restaurant staff insisted an entire suckling pig was way too much food for two people and they strongly advised against it. And yet, we persevered. It was my first suckling pig and we were going to celebrate accordingly. While we didn’t finish every bite of pork, we did a pretty damn good job. We devoured all of the crispy skin, making a kind of suckling pig “taco” by placing the skin on a little rice flour pancake and topping it with hoisin sauce and sugar. We ate a good amount of the pig meat, too. Seventh Son is #44 on the Asia’s 50 Best restaurants list, but their suckling pig just might be #1 in the world. (Note: the suckling pig must be preordered in advance.)


13. Dr. Fern's Gin Parlour - I began an epic (and totally classy) cocktail bar crawl through Central HK at Dr. Fern's - a gin-focused speakeasy in the Landmark building. The doctor's orders are to drink up, and the gin-and-tonic-slinging-bartenders are sporting white coats and all.

14. Room 309 - The next spot on our bar crawl was another speakeasy hidden inside, you guessed it, Room 309 of The Pottinger Hotel. Head to reception, "check in," take your room key, and proceed to the third floor. This bar had a special menu printed on glass, clear to symbolize the clear cocktails on offer. Typically colored drinks (rum punch, whiskey sour, etc.) are completely transparent here, due to the scientific methods they use for drink preparation (sometimes they even sous-vide ingredients).

15. The Wise King - The third bar on our bar crawl is brand new (and absolutely gorgeous!). It’s almost a speakeasy - there’s no signage, outside just kings painted on a wall in an alley. Their signature cocktail is topped with gold flakes and tastes like a mix of mulled wine, sangria, and mimosa - simultaneously fruity, refreshing, and cozy with spices like cinnamon and star anise. Great selection of cheese and charcuterie as well!


16. The Old Man - This hip new spot (which looks more like a science lab than a traditional bar) just won #1 on The World’s 50 Best Bars list! Their cocktail menu is based on Ernest Hemingway novels - I loved the "Sun Also Rises," which instantly transported my tastebuds to Thailand with curry leaf-infused gin, sweet vermouth sous-vide pandan leaves, and lime kaffir.

17. COA - Incredible mezcal-centric bar from award-winning bartender Jay Khan. Their Mexican-inspired cocktails are insanely creative and some use agave spirits never before found in Hong Kong.  Jay is so knowledgeable and loves creating cocktails on the fly based on your personal preferences. I had so much fun that I went back twice (even though I was only in town for a few days)!

18. La Cabane - This is one of my favorite natural wine bars in the world. It’s such a cute spot - it has a swing as a seat in the window and really knowledgeable wine guides that are happy to keep pouring you tastes and educate you on all things wine. I had a lovely orange wine from Momento Mori, and an unfiltered Sauvignon Blanc from Lucy Margaux that I can’t stop thinking about (and can’t find anywhere else!). This is another spot I went to multiple times during my trip.

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