Le Bernardin

Crossed another of The World's 50 Best restaurants off my bucket list: Le Bernardin, Chef Eric Ripert's stunning haven for seafood lovers in midtown Manhattan. It is unreal to me when I get to eat at such luxurious restaurants like Le Bernardin. Not only does this restaurant have three Michelin stars and hold the title of the 17th best restaurant in the world, but this iconic spot makes up one of the pillars of our food industry! It's one of the most renowned seafood restaurants in the world. (Not to mention, I'm often one of the youngest people in the dining room. The couple dining next to me was casually discussing stopping by Sotheby's to pick out some new art after lunch - what a life!) Every meal I get to experience like this leaves me more humbled, grateful, and inspired. Thank you to Chef Eric Ripert and the entire Le Bernardin team. I couldn’t be more passionate about food and I’m so excited to see where the rest of this journey leads. See the full menu and pictures from Le Bernardin below!

January 25, 2018 City Harvest lunch tasting menu:
1. Sea scallop: slivers of sea scallop, shaved fennel, citrus vinaigrette


2. Carrot soup: Maine lobster, yuzu foam


3. Merluza: sauteed merluza, pea shoots, shiitake mushroom broth


4. Striped bass: baked striped bass, sweet potato, sofrito sauce


5. Banana s’more: caramelized banana, warm chocolate cake, smoked meringue, coquito sauce


6. Assorted ice creams and sorbets