Perhaps, like me, you first fell in love with Chef Niki Nakayama while watching her Chef’s Table episode. Or maybe you've heard of n/naka because it’s the most difficult reservation to get in LA. Regardless of how you heard of it, one thing is for sure: dining at n/naka is a culinary experience you will never forget.

The modern kaiseki tasting menu prepared by Chefs Niki Nakayama and Carole Iida was not only one of my favorite meals on the challenge, but also one of the best meals of my life. Thank you, chefs, for putting such heart and creativity into each dish. I am humbled and inspired by your passion for food. 

n/naka is ranked #14 on J. Gold's list. See the full menu and pictures from n/naka below!

November 29, 2017 tasting menu:

1. Saki Zuke (a pairing of something common and something unique): black tiger shrimp, fillo, shrimp tomally sauce, kabocha puree, finger lime


2. Zensai (seasonal ingredients presented as an appetizer): duck with mustard seeds sauce, local branzino with nori pesto, ika natto squid ink, green bean and purple cabbage terrine goma sauce, pickled apple, ginko nuts


3. Modern Zukuri (modern interpretation of sashimi): sawara tartare, concord grape gelee, ogo, fennel, smoked tosazu sauce


4. Owan (still water): shrimp, mushroom and chestnut suigyoza, renkon, broccolini and dashi


5. Otsukuri (traditional sashimi): seasonal fish


6. Yakimono (grilled dish): foie gras, persimmon, Buddha's hand, pickled radish, foie gras ju, red shishito pepper powder


7. Mushimono (steamed dish): black cod, uni, matsutake, satoimo puree, mitsuba, sea lettuce and ankake dashi


8. Shiizakana (not bound by tradition, the chef's choice dish): spaghettini with abalone, pickled cod roe, truffles


9. Niku (meat): Japan miyazaki wagyu beef A5


10. Sunomono (Vinaigrette salad): spiny lobster

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 8.00.00 PM.png

11. Shokuji/Sushi (rice dish): seasonal fish

12. Mizumono (dessert): apple sorbet, date filling rye cream puff, rye ice cream, rye cookie, pear brulee, apple cider caramel sauce


13. Mignardises


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