The Great Paris Pastry Tour of 2017

Pastries are to Paris what pizza is to New York, what barbecue is to Texas, what pasta is to Italy ... you get the picture, it's a big freaking deal. Pretty much synonymous with the name of the city, because it's a food group that is so embedded in their culture. I have a huge sweet tooth, so naturally I had to discover the best French pastries in the city. I didn't lump these in with the other Paris restaurants, because the pastry scene is so incredible it needed a post all its own.

Without further ado, my favorite desserts in Paris:

  • Du Pain et Des Idées – Perhaps my favorite croissant in all of Paris came from this adorable, sky blue-colored pastry shop. I loved the ambiance of this old shop, and was mesmerized by their incredible displays of bread, fresh fig tarts, and pastries. We absolutely loved their pain au chocolat – so many layers of pastry, perfectly baked, and filled with a delicious semisweet chocolate. We also heard that next time we need to try one of their Escargots, a snail shaped pastry filled with pistachio cream and chocolate chips.

  • Gontran Cherrier – We were super lucky that one of Paris’ best croissants was just around the corner from our hotel in Montmartre! Totally loved their pain au chocolat as well as their almond and regular croissants.

IMG_9810 4.JPG
  • Blé Sucré – This place came highly recommended from a pastry chef friend of mine, so I had to check it out. Definitely the most buttery of all the croissants we tried, and, without a doubt, one of the best croissants I’ve had in my life. A must stop on any Paris pastry tour.

IMG_0627 2.JPG
  • La Pâtisserie des Rêves – Home to one of the best Paris-Brests in town! I opted for the seasonal variety, with fresh strawberries and pralines – basically a grown-up version of a PB & J!

IMG_0073 2.JPG
  • Des Gâteaux et du Pain – This is the fanciest pastry shop I’ve ever been in! Seriously, it felt more like a jewelry store than a sweet shop, with gorgeous display cases filled with immaculately designed pastries. Everything looked great, but I opted for a seasonal strawberry dessert (strawberries prepared five ways!) that was fantastic.

IMG_0133 2.JPG
  • Pierre Hermé – While Laduré has more name recognition for macarons in the US, many French locals informed me that Pierre Hermé’s macarons were actually the best in town. After a super scientific taste test, we had to agree. They’ve got some really unique flavored macarons (I tried the rose and jasmine flavors), and the texture of these macs was unlike any I’ve had before – way softer and gooier inside, with a perfect light crunch on the outside.

IMG_0272 4.JPG
  • Ladurée – Still a solid spot for macarons, especially in the Paris Airport where you have no other macaron competitors! They, too, have a delicious rose macaron.

  • Jacques Genin – Went here for their famous lemon tart, but unfortunately they were still closed for holiday. Will have to come back next trip to try it for myself!

  • Berthillon – Unfortunately, this incredible ice cream shop was also closed the days we were in town. However, I did go here during my previous trip to Paris and can confidently recommend at it as the best ice cream in the city!

  • Street crepes – An absolute must-eat at some point during a trip to Paris. We had some savory crepes (ham and cheese) for dinner one night while watching the sun set behind the Eiffel Tower, and also had several late-night sweet crepes after a night out on the town. My favorite sweet crepes are Nutella/banana and butter/sugar.

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