Pit Stop: Flagstaff

Stop #11 of The Carnivorr Roadtrip:

Arizona was the last state on our road trip before finally reaching California. We stopped in Flagstaff for the night as a convenient location for hiking the Grand Canyon, but were surprised by how adorable the little town was! We picked a popular burger joint called Diablo Burger to fuel ourselves before some long hikes over the next few days. All their burgers are served on English muffins and come with delicious Rosemary french fries. I designed my own burger, with sharp cheddar cheese, roasted garlic, thousand Island spread, and grilled onions. Some super tasty burgers!

The next morning we had breakfast at MartAnne's Burrito Place, where we shared blueberry buckwheat pancakes and "Christmas" (red and green sauce) chilaquiles. As California natives, we're pretty picky with our Mexican food, but this was one of our favorite breakfasts of the trip. With full stomachs, we set off to explore Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend in northern Arizona.

We took a guided tour of the Lower Antelope Canyon (this is required as it is on Navajo Land) which is a super famous slot canyon known for its photogenic qualities and one of the must see bucket list places in many travel lists. It was really cool to be able to walk through the tunnels of sandstone and marvel at the amazing wonders of nature.

Then we went to Horsehoe Bend where we did a short hike to look over the edge at the Colorado River. It's about a 1,000 foot drop and there are no fences or protection on the edge since it's a protected national monument, but if you're not afraid of heights, and you’re careful, it's absolutely worth it to look over the edge and see the whole horseshoe-shaped turn of the river. We went in the late afternoon, before sunset because the hike has no shade and, with the lighting, pictures are better later in the day. If you're ever in Arizona, both of these gorge-ous national monuments are definitely worth a visit.  They are some of the most beautiful natural views I've ever seen. After the day’s explorations were over, we drove to our last hotel of the trip in the Grand Canyon Village. There aren’t a ton of great restaurants in the village, but we found some pretty decent nachos at a Mexican restaurant called Plaza Bonita before we collapsed in exhaustion.

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