Pit Stop: Grand Canyon

Stop #12 of The Carnivorr Roadtrip:

On our last day of the road trip, we set off shortly after sunrise to hike the Grand Canyon. We picked the South Kaibab Trail and hiked down about 1.5 miles to the Cedar Ridge lookout. We wanted to go farther, but we planned to return to California that night and only had a few hours to hike before starting our long drive home. The South Kaibab Trail was a perfect beginner's hike for someone who hasn't been to the Grand Canyon before – it was a little steep to go down (but not too scary) and semi-challenging to climb back to the top of the canyon, but we did both the down and up (3 miles) in about 2 1/2 hours. The natural beauty of the Grand Canyon absolutely took our breath away – we will definitely be back in the future to explore more of this incredible monument.

After an absolutely incredible cross-country road trip, our fully-loaded minivan was finally California-bound. During the two weeks, 4,500 miles were forged, ­­­­60+ hours were logged behind the wheel, 15+ new cities were visited, several pounds were gained, and priceless memories were made. The #CarnivorrRoadtrip was a bittersweet farewell to my time spent in New York, a bridge to a new beginning in California, a mother-daughter trip of a lifetime, and a journey that I will never forget.

From In-N-Out with love, the California Carnivorr.

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