Pit Stop: Lockhart

Stop #8 of The Carnivorr Roadtrip:

About 30 minutes from Austin (between Austin and San Antonio) is a small town called Lockhart that houses some of the oldest and most famous barbecue joints in the country. We had to stop for their award-winning brisket, beef ribs, and sausage. Driving into town was like being transported back in time – the quaint downtown had only a few shops, mostly selling antiques, and a city hall in the middle of the square. There’s really not much to do in Lockhart aside from eating, but that doesn’t scare off the frequent visitors. It’s basically the hometown of barbecue, where the ‘cue was invented. In order to do this historic site justice, we ate about three lunches in about a one-hour time period. There was no way we could just pick one place – we had to try them all.

We first stopped at Kreuz Market, where we ate super moist brisket using only our hands. They have a strict no utensil and no sauce policy (the meat’s smoky flavor doesn’t need to be covered up!), but we were too busy shoveling meat in our mouths to care! Next, we stopped at Black’s BBQ (they also have an Austin location!) where we ate the biggest and best beef rib we have ever tasted. Their brisket was phenomenal too.

Finally, before we were in a total meat coma, we ended our historic barbecue tour at Smitty’s Market, where we had some more melt-in-your-mouth, buttery brisket. No one does brisket like Texas! While Franklin BBQ still remains the #1 brisket I’ve ever had, it was amazing to see barbecue’s rich (and smoky) roots in Lockhart. Some truly delicious meat, and it was so cool to go back in time at these historic barbecue joints with their old-fashioned meat smokers, no frills, and the friendliest, proudest Texans serving it up for 100+ years. A really unique and unforgettable day! Added bonus: there was no wait at any of the Lockhart spots! But my, oh my, were we in a food coma after eating at all three famous restaurants. #MeatSweats

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