Pit Stop: Nashville

Stop #3 of The Carnivorr Roadtrip:

After a very lengthy drive, we made it to Nashville, Tennessee! It was almost 9pm by the time we got there and boy, were we hungry. First on our agenda: dinner.

And, hot diggity dog, did we go whole hog at the Peg Leg Porker, arguably Nashville’s best BBQ joint. It’s an adorable, no-frills setting with a whole lotta meat. Perfect for a carnivore! We tried their famous pimento cheese dip (passed down from a family recipe for generations!) and their whole chicken wings in a dry rub with 16 spices (so yum!) that came with their award-winning, secret “yellow sauce”, blue cheese sauce, and ranch. We also ate pulled pork butt, green beans with bacon, mac and cheese, and a half rack of ribs seasoned with the same dry rub as the wings. It was such flavorful and delicious meat that you really didn’t need to smother it with any sauce, however, their house-made tomato-based bbq sauce is a delicious flavor-enhancer as well. This restaurant is a must-stop in Nashville!

After we gorged ourselves entirely, we headed down to Broadway to check out the Honky Tonk. This street with all the neon lights and bars was popping even on a Monday - never have I ever seen so many musical artists singing their hearts out and hoping to get discovered. Music city is right! We had a blast going in and out of all the bars, hanging out on the balconies, and listening to great tunes in all genres. We loved all the live music, but our favorite thing about downtown Nashville was trying the delicious praline candies. What a Southern gem! (We ate way more of these in New Orleans, but we’ll always remember our first praline in Nashville.)

Finally, we headed to the Hutton Hotel to get some much needed rest. This place is sleek and modern yet still cozy and brimming with Southern charm. We were touched by their thoughtful welcome basket full of locally-made indie snacks and artisan treats – how did they know that food was the key to my heart? Also, they had the largest hotel bathroom I’ve ever seen, complete with marble floors and Molton Brown soaps. Ahhhh. We sank into their luxurious bed – a perfect relief after a day of nonstop driving. The Hutton Hotel was a great central location, steps away from Hattie B’s famous hot chicken (which was delish, btw) and walking distance to The Pancake Pantry, where we had amazing pancakes for breakfast the next day. Don’t be afraid to try their funky flavors – our favorites were the sweet potato pancakes and the savory cornmeal pancakes with green chiles, cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream, and salsa! (This was one of our favorite restaurants from the whole road trip!)

Too-do-loo, Nashville… you’re the only ten I see!

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