Pit Stop: Washington, D.C.

Stop #1 of The Carnivorr Roadtrip:

I spent my freshman year of college at Georgetown University (and my mom went to college there too!), so DC has a very special place in our hearts. Hoya Saxa! My best friend from college still lives there, and my mom’s college roommate does too, so we absolutely had to kick off our road trip in DC! It’s always fun to be back on campus and walk around the adorable town of Georgetown with it’s brightly painted houses and cobblestone streets. I visited the coffee shop where I had my first job as a barista (Go Saxby’s!) and we ended the night with dinner at The Tombs, an underground restaurant that’s a Georgetown institution. Their cheeseburgers and chocolate milkshakes tasted like delicious nostalgia – the perfect official send-off meal as we embarked on new adventures.

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