San Francisco is a true culinary mecca. And it’s not too far from Los Angeles, which made it a perfect destination for a quick foodie getaway. A friend encouraged me to add Saison to my itinerary while in the Bay Area, insisting that their tasting menu was the best meal he had ever had. This restaurant is currently ranked the 37th best restaurant in the world, and it was awarded three Michelin stars, which is pretty much the highest honor you can receive in the food world. Unfortunately for my wallet, it was also dubbed California’s “most expensive” restaurant. So, probably not a place you can hit every time you’re in the city, however, I decided that going to Saison was a once in a lifetime culinary journey that I needed to experience. Seize the day, I thought. It’s at its peak right now and who knows when I’d get the chance to go again? (Little did I know this is the mindset I would adopt for the rest of my travels that summer.)

I’d never been to a three star Michelin restaurant before, and waking up the day of my reservation it felt like Christmas morning. I literally skipped down the street on the way to the restaurant with a grin on my face – it’s probably the most excited I’ve ever been in my life. With course after course of culinary bliss from genius Chef Joshua Skenes, this unforgettable journey for your taste buds is worth the hefty price tag. My meal at Saison inspired me and reminded me exactly why I’m in this industry, and why I love food.


July 26, 2017 menu:

1.    Caviar smoked in seaweed butter


2.    Spot prawn


3.    Boxed crab in a sauce made from its own shell


4.    Uni toast

IMG_7710 2.JPG

5.    Deconstructed ratatouille

IMG_7702 3.JPG

6.    Squash blossom 

IMG_7700 3.JPG

7.    Half barbecued quail glazed in wildflower honey


8.    Pronghorn antelope + jerky, with biscuits and honey butter, a broth made of the grilled bones

IMG_7693 2.JPG

9.  Pineapple

IMG_7684 2.JPG

10.   Fruit & buckwheat tea

IMG_7680 2.JPG

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