Things to Do in Copenhagen

I never expected to love a city in such a short period of time. We only spent two days together, but boy did I fall head over heels for Copenhagen. As I walked through beautiful neighborhoods happy bikers smiled at me as they passed by – everyone is so friendly there! I saw some of the most gorgeous flowers I’ve ever seen and I ate (truly) some of the best meals of my entire life. Of course, it was extremely lucky that we had some particularly nice weather while we were in town, but Copenhagen’s charm extended far beyond its sunny skies. We packed a lot into our two day visit - here were our favorite things to do in Copenhagen:


  • Nyhavn – The street of colored houses by the canals and boats is probably the most photographed spot in Copenhagen. With good reason! Apparently there are trampolines somewhere near here as well, but, to be honest, I couldn’t find them.

  • Tivoli - This gorgeous amusement park looks like a fairy tale! We didn't have enough time to spend a day inside, but we definitely want to check it out next time. At the holidays it's all decorated for Christmas, and in the summer they have free concerts with big headliners inside the park.

  • Christiania – If you end up crossing the river to Paper Island, keep walking and check out Christiania, the “free town” of hippies living in an abandoned Danish fortress. No rules apply here; there is a green light district full of people openly selling weed on the street, and the fortress is now mostly a graffiti-covered skate park. It’s a pretty surreal place, but interesting to look at.

  • Vesterbro Farmers Market – We had a ton of fun wandering around here on a Saturday morning and checking out Danish trinkets.

  • Biking – Yet again, rent a bike! Copenhagen is the #1 biking city in the world! You’ll stick out like a sore thumb as a tourist if you don’t ride a bike.

  • Going out: You must, must, must go for drinks at Lidkoeb, my new favorite cocktail bar in the world. It’s kind of hidden down an alley, but turn the corner and tucked away behind some new buildings you’ll find the quaintest little cottage (picture Snow White’s house) and a string light-adorned backyard. Enter the cottage for super cozy vibes, cool people, and damn good cocktails. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a cool craft beer bar filled with hip Danish people, you should check out Mikkeller. They’ve got several locations around Copenhagen. There were also lots of cool spots to go out in the Meatpacking District.


  • Clarion Copenhagen Airport Hotel – We felt like pampered princesses staying at the luxurious Clarion Hotel. We loved the gorgeous décor, the ultra comfy beds, and the huge hotel bathroom with a spa tub. #travelgoals!! This hotel had such gorgeous views of the city, and we couldn’t have asked for a better home base while in Copenhagen. It didn’t hurt that the entire Danish soccer team was staying at the hotel too. ;)