I tried to hit at least one Michelin-starred restaurant in each city while on our summer trip in Europe. We only had time for one dinner in Amsterdam, so we picked Chef Chris Naylor’s swanky restaurant, Vermeer, which has had one Michelin star since 1993. If you only have one night in a city, you have to make it count!

Wow, I am so glad we chose this dreamy restaurant – it was one of our favorite dinners from our whole Europe trip and also one of the best tasting menus I’ve had. Each course was more delicious than the last, and each bite packed with some seriously inventive flavors. Every dish was perfectly complemented by a fantastic wine pairing, thanks to the exceptional service from a very friendly staff. Ooh how my taste buds were rejoicing!

I would be remiss not to describe the gorgeous aesthetic of the restaurant – sharp metallic tones balanced by gorgeous pastel flowers, golden velvet chairs set against chic painted flower walls, lots of windows and natural light. Totally swoon-worthy. I could not recommend this restaurant any higher! A must when in Amsterdam.


August 30, 2017 menu:

1.    Raw rhubarb with rosemary sorbet

FullSizeRender 40.jpg

2.    Celery “spaghetti” in tomato sauce

FullSizeRender 39.jpg

3.    Tomato “pizza”

FullSizeRender 44.jpg

4.    Red gurnard with a deconstructed ratatouille

FullSizeRender 43.jpg

5.    Cauliflower with peanuts

FullSizeRender 38.jpg

6.    Duck with beet “risotto” with mushrooms on top

FullSizeRender 36 copy.jpg

7.    Sponge cake with Dutch blueberries, sorrel ice, and frozen vanilla yogurt

FullSizeRender 37.jpg

8.    Plum, nuts, tutti frutti, crisp of date, tomato ice cream

FullSizeRender 41.jpg

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