And just like that, the #CarnivorrGoesForGold challenge is COMPLETE! I ended my 101 days 101 restaurants project at Vespertine (#1 on Jonathan Gold’s list)! Not only was this restaurant my favorite from the 101 list, it was also one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life.

One of the most unique parts about Vespertine is its use of an entire building. Rumor has it that Chef Jordan saw this futuristic skyscraper (for Culver City, at least) and knew he had to use the space for his restaurant. He contacted architect Eric Owen Moss, and had to really work to convince him that this large structure’s purpose was as a restaurant. And now, the whole building is part of Vespertine - it’s an indoor/ outdoor/ multi-level experience, starting outside, and continuing on to the kitchen, roof, dining room, before ending full circle in the garden, where the culinary journey began.

It was pure delight to experience Chef Jordan Kahn’s culinary art - some of the craziest flavors and most beautiful presentations I’ve ever seen. Jordan begin his career working at The French Laundry, Alinea, and Per Se, but now he’s creating food in a style all his own. I really can’t stop thinking about this meal. We are so lucky to have a game-changing, boundary-pushing restaurant like this in LA, and I can’t wait to see how it evolves with time.

See the full menu and pictures from Vespertine below!

December 22, 2018 tasting menu:

1. Giant kelp + sea luttice + samphire

2. Turkey emulsion + vendace roe + sea lavender + lemon-thyme


3. Burnt onion + black currant

4. Squash + rosehip oil + preserved apricot


5. Milk bread + king trumpet mushroom


6. Snap peas + kiwi


7. Rice pudding + trout roe


8. Scallop + bone marrow


9. Red spinach + spot prawn + quince


10. Crab + egg yolk + allspice butter


11. Narragansett turkey + yarrow


12. Turbot + black trumpet + strawberry


13. Smoked lamb + cow's cheese


14. Urchin + PX + lemongrass


15. Black raspberry + buckwheat


16. Almond + cucumber


17. Blackberry + cashew + opal + basil / 18. Barhi date + oxalis


Watch my full review of Vespertine here!

...101 DOWN, 0 TO GO!

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