Wide Eyes Open Palms

Moving from farmers market to table, newcomer café Wide Eyes Open Palms is now officially open on Retro Row. Wide Eyes Open Palms (WEOP) amassed quite a fan following while serving its specialty coffee and pastries at local farmers markets in the LBC, and just opened its brick and mortar location a few months ago. It’s easy to see why – it’s a hipster health-food haven that has quickly become my favorite breakfast spot in all of Long Beach. Partners Angie Evans and Kat McIver, are the passionate barista and chef team behind this popular spot. The founders are both feminists and food activists, passionate about the earth, their community, and, of course, food.

Its menu changes seasonally, but on our visit we tried a Date and Black Sesame Scone (so flaky and buttery!!) and the Peach and Blueberry Bread Pudding topped with house-made whipped cream. I could live happily ever after inside the pastry case. We loved the Ricotta & Jam toast – the creamy cheese perfectly balanced out the tart bite of the jam, and was served on the fluffiest, most perfect piece of bread. The savory variety, the Soft Boiled Egg toast with herbed goat cheese, was also a hit. For drinks we tasted the Rosemary Latte (my favorite), a Ginger Tonic, and the “Shmancy”, a Coffee Mocktail that had beautiful floral and fruity notes and was unlike any coffee drink I’ve ever had.

When I asked how they made it all so tasty, Angie modestly replied, “Well, we start with the best possible ingredients.” WEOP is extremely dedicated to sustainable food practices, and it really shines through in its delectable creations. The café’s gorgeous all-white aesthetic is complemented perfectly by its eclectic collection of plates in all colors and patterns.

As the name implies, the owners intend to live every day with wide eyes and open palms, a beautiful motto that perfectly reflects the culture cultivated at the shop. Kat handed us a Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cookie for the road – a goodbye that ensured we would return soon.