Ooh La La! Paris Nightlife

"Rosé all day" isn't just a saying in Paris, it's a lifestyle. We literally drank rosé all day, bouncing from one sidewalk cafe to another, sitting facing the street (of course), and people watching until it got too dark to see. Paris pretty much starts drinking at happy hour, continues drinking throughout dinner, and then moves things to a wine bar, where they stay, smoking and drinking until the wee hours of the night. In our experience, Paris nightlife was way more relaxed and laid back than other cities we've traveled to - it's less loud, less dancey, and less sweaty, and more about getting wine drunk with a group of your closest friends. We loved it.

Here are some of our favorite wine bars in Paris:

  • Le Perchoir Rooftop – After having dinner in the 11th, we headed to Le Perchoir for a nightcap. What a dreamy rooftop bar! It’s located kind of in the middle of nowhere, on the top of a tall, warehouse-y building (read: a little hard to find, but absolutely worth it when you do). This place has very trendy and hipster vibes, complete with wooden benches topped with cute patterned pillows, string lights, and a sweeping view of the city, especially the Sacré-Cœur all lit up. If I lived in Paris, I would definitely be a frequent customer.

  • Maison Maison – What could possibly be better than a wine bar on the Seine at sunset? If it exists, I have yet to discover it. This bar was particularly cute, and had a DJ playing top hits while a crowd of people line danced. Such a fun place.

  • Le Gisou - The English translation of "gisou" is "grandma", but this trendy bar near our hotel in Montmartre was filled with a young, hip crowd. We drank a few glasses of rosé here, and really enjoyed the gummy candy bar snacks.

  • Aux Deux Amis – My friend Erwin (@lefrenchfood) took us on a "typical Paris night out” to this natural wine bar. It was small, but packed with locals singing to popular French music. No tourists here!

Stay tuned as our travels continue to Amsterdam and Copenhagen!

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